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You might have done something for your guy at some point which you didn’t really want to do, but you just couldn’t say no when he asked. This might not happen for some lucky ones but for some it happens. Your partner might be making you do all kind of things for him but the fact is you just played your part as a fool well. You are always justified to say no if you don’t want to do, anything that will make you uncomfortable, it will never make you a bad girlfriend. Continue reading to know things you shouldn’t do;


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1. Taking care of his laundry:

You don’t have to do his laundry, you are not his mum. You can help him out sometimes if he is busy but don’t enable him because you will be responsible for the consequences. One thing would lead to another and he would depend on you for much more than you signed for. But if you share the chores, you will have time to spend together.

2. Getting people stuff on his behalf:

You can help your partner when he has difficulty in shopping, but don’t take it in yourself to run around arranging presents for him to give out. It is his duty not yours, if you allow him do it and practice it, he might get good at it. You don’t have to do difficult shopping to be an amazing girlfriend that you are.

3. Make him food:

Everyone has time for food, if your partner has time to ask for food he has time to prepare it as well. It’s not your job to feed him, you can prepare meals at your own wish and what you want but not inquisitive.

4. Advertise your relationship on social media:

Your personal life shouldn’t be the business of people on social media that you may not even know. So there is no point in sharing your relationship status on social media, the people who should know will know from you in a proper manner. The whole world is not concerned with your life.

5. Calm down the drunk friends:

You can get his drunk friends home but not tending to them when they perpetually mess your carpet up is not part of the deal. You can take care of him when he is drunk but taking care of his friends is totally extreme and you are not liable to that.

6. Plan a getaway on your own:

A trip should be planned by both the people involve since it is for two. Your partners lack of participation mirrors lack of interest, make him a part of the process because guys who take care of things are really attractive.

7. Befriend his ex:

It isn’t healthy to get to know his ex more than you need to. Satisfy your interest without forgeting that curiosity kills the cat.

8. Watch what he likes all the time:

It’s not a problem if you have similar tastes, but if they are different then there is only so much that you can put up with watchng the things they like. Find a common ground, something that you both can enjoy together.

9. Shape up:

He is kind of insensitive when he ask you to shape up. You might plan on losing weight but him pointing at it or demanding you to do it, is embarrassing. He should love you for your personality and not your size. If he thinks you need excercise, he should make it a couple’s thing and give you the motivation and support.

What else do you know should be on this list? Share with us below.

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