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Every girls dream is to be with a guy who can make her feel like she is in a fairy tale just like she sees in the movies. But the truth is the reality is quite contrary to that, in most cases you have to face lot of guys who are not right for you and you suffer several heartaches before you find the one who will actually make a difference in your life. Once you find your soul mate, he will be so much different than all the other guys you have ever been with, here is a list of how you can know if he is your “forever” boyfriend or “for now” boyfriend;


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1. The “forever” kind of guy loves like there is no tomorrow

The “forever” kind of guy will always make sure you are okay, he will go out of his way to see you every other day and if not he will check in on you regularly. To him he can’t live without you and you are so special to him, though, there would be times when he can’t treat you with the same intensity of love but he will compensate for it on special occasions. The “For now” kind of guy would check in on you every once in a while or when he needs you.

2. The “forever” kind of guy will grow with you

Conflicts are unavoidable in a relationship and every couple has gone through a phase in their relationship where they have been cornered into disposition. The “forever” kind of guy knows that whatever the circumstances are, the bonds you both share is greater than any disagreement, he will find ways to find a solution instead of running for the door. The “for now” kind of guys will talk about differences but the “forever” kind of guy would learn to accept who you are with your differences.

3. The forever kind of guy would not be ashamed

Forever kind of guys are not ashamed of who you are, he would be very proud to take you anywhere no matter how you look. He can tell the whole world that you are his girl and he is head over heels in love with you, he will not be scared to show affection in public or kiss you in front of his friends of family. The “for now” guy will want you to get dressed when you both are going out on a date.

4. The “forever” kind of guy will not be intimated

The “for now” kind of guy might get intimated with your success but the “forever” kind of guy would be proud of whatever you do and support you with whatever makes you strong and independent. He would see your success as an achievement and would be happier than you are, forever kind of guys would not be envious of your achievements but will be happy for you and contribute to make your life easier.

5. The “forever” kind of guy will bring out the best in you

If you have a career choice to make, the “forever: kind of guy will be concern about it because your future is associated with his and he would want you to become the person you want to be and would help you along the line. He would guide you with the best of his abilities and would encourage you with his words when you feel like you have made a wrong turn. The “for now” kind of guy wouldn’t care about what you did with your life.

6. The “forever” kind of guy would make you feel beautiful

The “forever” guy will love you in such a way that you wouldn’t need any other person to tell you that you are beautiful. You will feel like a diva and the best of yourself every time you are with him, all fears and inferiority complex will become non-existent in his presence. Even if he disrespects you, he will try all means to make things the way they were.

7. The “forever” guy will make you feel secured

The “forever” kind of guy will drop you home after a hang out and would be your bodyguard in a crowd of people, when you are with him, you feel secured that no harm could ever come to you. But the ‘for now’ kind of guy will say goodbye and take off after a hang out.

8. The “forever” kind of guy will become family

The “forever” kind of guy will treat your family like his family, he will make you a part of his family and will try his best to connect with your family. He might go along with you on family meetings but the “for now” kind of guy will treat your family good but not like his family.

9. The “forever” kind of guy will make you feel good at home

You will feel good when you hang out with the “for now” kind of guy but you will feel great when you hang out with the “forever” kind of guy. His presence will make you feel complete and every moment you spend with him will be memorable and you will cherish for life.

 Have you found your “forever” kind of guy? Share with us in the comment section below.

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