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Hey Lovelies

Lets try something different this week; Figuring out what to wear is always tasking and it largely depends on your organisation. For your corporate outfit idea this week why not try something that resonates with your personality? It would be a good idea if your 9-5 corporate outfit idea tells more about who you are.

One interesting thing about dressing according to your personality, is the fact that you are very comfortable and well relaxed. Its like you are dressed in your own skin. You would also be proactive and excited all day long. So here are 7 9-5 corporate attires that you should try this week because they might just be what you need;

If you are cool, calm and collected then a look that caries one color is all you need to express yourself… This corporate outfit is the best example of keeping yourself and maintaining your fashionista tittle.



Hello World

For a spirited dresser, playing with patterns and colors gives the ultimate satisfaction. Take a cue from this corporate outfit sample, see how the pattern is paired with colors.



Most people love simplicity in a more chic and refined way, if you find that you feel comfortable in simple and chic clothings this corporate outfit idea is all you need for inspiration.

Melody Jacob

Melody Jacob

A risk taker tries to add their own unique piece to make the outfit tell their story and adding a face cap is a bold move.

Ms Sole

Ms Sole

Some people are very preppy and that’s why. Preppy people like to layer and this attire below helps to influence your layering skills.


There are so many women that live for an androgynous style because it makes them powerful and fierce. If you can pull off this look below you get both (Androgynous and feminine).



Women that love the sultry look do not over do it, they go for tight fit clothing’s that are not conspicuous, this way they cam maintain the work code and still loom sexy.



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