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Hey Divas,

I’m sure we are very familiar with how much a shoe can make or break an outfit and of course, your wedding day is not an exception. After getting the dress out of the way, finding the perfect shoe to compliment that dress is next on the list. That’s your wedding shoes we are talking about.

Wedding shoes with a high heel are popular with brides over the world. They add elegance and glamour to your outfit, elongating your legs and adding height which is useful if you are marrying a tall man. Looking at purposely designed bridal shoes, they are usually available in a choice of ivory or white to coordinate with most wedding dresses. With brides using shoes to express their true personalities under their pure white dresses, any colour from red and orange to green to pink or metallic and purple is possible, as long as you coordinate your bouquet with your shoes, they won’t look at all out of place.

Since your wedding day is special so are your shoes.  Special is always enough but comfortable and balanced shoes is perfect to save from blisters and wobbly heels. As a bride, you also want a classic and stylish pair not formal shoes you might never get to wear again beyond your nuptials. The right wedding shoes will compliment your dress while still suiting your personality. So we thought we should help you round up some pairs we could get married in any day and still wear over and over again. Scroll down to see…

Elegant white shoes with a bow


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Look 1

Glittering wedding shoes


Look 2

Pop a colour with this black shimmering ankle shoes


image (1)

Look 3

Criss Cross strappy shoes

image (2)

Look 4

Star Strappy lace up shoes


Look 5

Classic gold shimmering shoes


Look 6

Vintage ankle shoes


Look 7

Embellished wedding shoes


Which is your favourite wedding shoes? Share with us in the comment box.

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