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Did you know the way you carry your bag secretly communicates something about you? So then how do you carry your bag, do you grab on to it or do you let it down or do you tuck it in? The bag you carry speaks volume as the brand says a lot about your person or style but so does your carrying style. Below are seven carrying styles and what they your body language is secretly communicating.

1. Grabbing on Completely

When you grab on completely you secretly communicate that you are guarded and distant all to ward off intruders because you feel safe, its like hugging a pillow to calm the emotional conflict within you or the feeling of paranoia, when you  grab your bag completely it sounds of that you’re creating  a barrier between yourself and other people around you all to elude getting up close and personal.


Grabbing on Completely

Hello World


2. Wearing It Under Your Jacket

What you communicate when you have your bag inside your coat is that you are flirtatious and a tease. that means you trick little hints to keep people guessing and it also shows that you feel dainty and really feminine

3. Wearing as a Cross-body

This communicates that your safety is priority as wearing it a a crisscross styles ensure quick access to the bag in-case an attempt is made to drag it off and that way you can keep tabs on the items in it.

Wearing as a Cross-body


 4. Tucking it and Holding

What you communicate when you tuck and hold is that you are concealing, holding a clutch under the arm relates to hiding something in a secret and hidden place where no other person can find whatever it is you’re hiding.

Tucking it and Holding

5. Carrying The Bag Wide open 

This communicates that you are willing and able to let anyone in, even strangers you do not know it also shows that you are open and anyone or everyone know what you are about as there are no secrets with you since you have an open mind and can say whatever you will openly.

6. Carrying n The Crook Of Your Arm

What this is communicating is that you are well aware of your environment, you are assertive and street-smart. You are well aware of those around you and the forearm brace says that your sense of security is on track.

hand hook

Crook Of Your Arm

7.  Carrying it Down by the Side

Carrying your hand bag down on the sides shows a trusting person, a person that takes life one step at a time but also an open target for those that are not trust wordy as it appears you have life dangling at your finger tips.


Carrying it Down by the Side

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