Guys aren’t always pronounced when they want to kiss their partner, especially when it is the first kiss. First kiss can be difficult to initiate especially when he is shy or scared of being rejected or hoping you would make the first move. It is traditionally up to a guy to initiate a couple’s first kiss, it takes a lot of pressure off the girl but sometimes it can be frustrating if you want to be kissed but your guy/girl is a little too shy or scared, here are subtle signs he is dying to kiss you;

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1. He is careful with his oral hygiene

If he takes care of his teeth more often that before, if he chews gum after eating it might just be a preparation for kissing you. It is not wrong of him to be extra thoughtful especially when it is his first time and he is trying to blow you away.

2. He is stalling

If at the end of the date he seems to be interrupting with his keys or making excuses to not go home yet, he might be trying to gain courage and make a move. Try getting closer to him and see how he reacts.

3. He is kissing you elsewhere

If he is kissing you elsewhere like your cheek or your hand, if he is giving you a lot of pecks on other areas of your face, it might be he is testing the waters and trying to work his way to your lips. Surprise him by planting one on him.

4. He keeps glaring into your eyes

If he keeps gazing at your eyes in between a conversation, he just keeps going quiet and looking you in the eyes, it’s probably because he is thinking about what it would be like kissing you. It’s an assurance he is ready to kiss you if he keeps staring at your eye while holding your hand or arm.

5. He keeps looking at your lips

This is the most obvious sign he wants to kiss you. If he keeps looking at your lips, he might not know that he is doing that but if you notice he is doing that, it means he is thinking about your lips and how it will feel when he kiss them.

6. He keeps changing subjects

If he keeps changing the conversation in order to talk about romantic things or going on dates, it’s a bet that he is planning on kissing you before the date is over.

7. He is trying to come close

If he is being very touchy feely, putting his arm around your shoulders and finding excuses to get closer, he is thinking of how to make a move. He is a little bit shy if he’s doing these things, which he would appreciate if you also make a move or give him a sign that you are into it.

What are other signs he wants to kiss you? Share with us below.

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