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Hey Divas,

One thing I  have come to understand over time is that fashion has everything to do with how well you can style. Whatever the case might be, styling is what makes fashion, and with fashion there are some very creative styles that make every outfit awesome and good.

I know how stylish we Nigerians are especially for the ladies. Nigerian girls are trendy and very conscious about fashion. They are always on to what’s the style fashion style trending. But have you thought about those fashion styling tricks that works for you as a Nigerian? Styling tricks that can fit our weather, terrain and this time. So I took it upon myself to research and figure out some of the styling tricks that every Nigerian girl should know. So I’m here to share the information with you. Scroll down to know the 7 styling tricks every Nigerian girl should know

  • THE BRIGHT BAG EFFECT: If your clothes tend to fall in the more neutral corner, invest in bright bags to give energy and polish to your look.


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  • 1 COLOUR MANY TONES LOOK: Take a cool spin on colour matching by going for an outfit in the same e colour family.vonette
  • WHITE TEE BASE: Slip on a white tee under your summer dress to achieve a less exposed, chic and cool look.


  • THE NOT SO TIGHT PANTS: Instead of the tight pants, opt for the slim cut pants for a more laid back look.


  • CRISP BUTTON DOWN: Opt for an easygoing and put together look with an over-sized crisp button down.


Share with us in the comment box your best Nigerian styling trick

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