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Trust issues is one of the things that affects a relationship negatively, it is so important to trust your partner when you are in a committed relationship. Your partner should be your closest friend, someone you can tell anything to without worrying about judgment and your partner should be able to open up to you about anything also. Your partner might not be telling you the whole truth or may be you are seeing things that, Here are a list of 7 signs of trust issues in your relationship.


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1. Your partner is gone without explanation

It doesn’t mean that you have to track your partners movement but they should share with you their whereabouts. They should respect you by giving you a brief description of their comings and goings when you are not with them without being interrogated, you should also be comfortable that they weren’t out having an affair.

2. Your partner has broken someone’s trust before

You or your partner might be scared of being emotionally hurt and lack of trust is a type of fear. If your partner has been a cheater before, it could be a pattern of behavior and a sign that you might still need to deal with trust issues. Though, a cheater is capable of change, but only if he or she wants to change the behavior.

3. Lack of emotional attachment

If your partner is not able to open up to you emotionally or if they are not supportive of your emotions when you need them to be, then your partner has trust issues.

4. Something’s worrying you

We often pick up subtle cues throughout our day and these strange words could be used in conversations. Most times, while we are preparing for sleep, we worry over these small details and wonder if the whole truth is being revealed when our partner talks to us.

5. Lack of support during crisis

When you have a problem, your partner should be your rock to rely on, they should have your back but when something terrible happens to you and your partner is not there to support you emotionally or they just brush you off and never offer you a shoulder to cry on, then your partner has trust issues. It is time to withdraw from such partner who isn’t able to open their heart and trust.

6. You wished you had someone to talk to

Most times, it is your partner’s behavior that is troubling you but he or she should be the person you should be talking to about anything that is troubling you.

7. You are making plans for what your next move is

You will definitely find someone you can trust when there is no trust in your relationship. It might be a trusted colleague at work or someone you also happen to find attractive, you notice that your partner is spending more time caring for his appearance lately, it is a sign that he has trust issues.

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Am a 21 year old graduate nd I thought I was in love, Im pretty,Smart and everyone knows me as a go getter, I work hard and try my best to assist everyone I can . I met this guy on Instagram about 9 months ago we started talking nd he seemed really nice so I decided to date him it was nice at first I liked it, I am too emotional but as emotional as I am I still don’t hide the truth from myself. I fell in love with him nd even assisted  him financially  but I didn’t even care even after my friends told me to stop. He kept on talking about how he was gonna take me to his village by December nd all my instincts told me not to trust him but I was already madly in love with him. I stopped hanging out with my friends nd even going out because I didn’t even want to create a room fr cheating all I wanted was someone I could be myself with, someone that could push me nd help me grow mentally while I do the same fr him. I continued assisting him till recession hit my çompany nd I lost my job,when he realised I couldn’t give him money anymore, he started yelling at me fr every little thing whenever I visited him he would make me feel like I was nobody my brain already knew watsup but my heart couldn’t handle it.He continued that way till I heard him talking to a girl on the phone about how much he loves nd adores her nd was gonna get her anything she needs nd so on This is someone i never lied to, someone I gave my pure heartI broke up with him but I’m shattered in pain nd emotional trauma I didn’t tell my friends about it bcos I know they ll laugh at me forever I needed to talk to someone nd that’s why I wrote you, no girl deserves to be used nd lied to I believe in God nd I know his punishment awaits him…P.S I will never assist a guy financially till I know he is my husband

Dear Betrayed

Not all men are cheats and you shouldn’t use your past experience to judge your future, that this man cheated on you does not mean your next relationship will be the same. You are still very young so take that as a lesson and move on with your life. Real men do not wait for their girlfriend to feed them, they rather work hard to give their girlfriend a better life.

He never loved you all he wanted was your money and now that the money is no more available he has moved on to the next available person. It takes courage for someone to break up with the person you love dearly but you took such a bold step which means you will pass the trauma with time, forget about him, embrace a new beginning and move on.

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