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Anybody can be plagued with bad breath (Halitosis), lack of proper hygiene, underlying illness and a number of other issues can cause bad breath. One of the most common causes however has to do with the intake of food. Gum Disease, eating strong smelling food, oral thrush, smoking etc are one of the simpler causes of Halitosis.

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Bad breath is usually caused by bacteria buildup on and behind your tongue and in between your teeth and this is what warrants the foul smell, however its not to talk about the cause but to also proffer solutions and below is a list of 7 easy ways to get rid of bad breath;

1. Rinse your mouth after eating especially when you just finished a spicy meal.

2. Drink lots and lots of water

3. Chew vegan/healthy minty gums to stimulate saliva.

4. Eat fruits that are high in vitamin c, apples are one fruit that helps to keep your breath fresh.

5. Brush regular, both day and night, make sure you get behind your tongue. To get in between your tongue use a mint floss (Floss after every meal especially when you just ate meat).

6. Drink lemon water in the mornings and eat mint and parsley leaf occasionally

7. Clean your tongue with your tooth brush every time you brush your mouth.

Note: Bad breath can be very embarrassing when it is not dealt with, don’t wait for someone to walk up to you, take precaution, always do a breath check and make sure you take care of your oral hygiene. You should know that  frizzy drinks like coca cola, alcohol, coffee and the likes, food like garlic, onions etc  are one of the cause of Halitosis, so brush regularly.

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