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Natural hair growth is the new hair trend but how can you make your natural hair grow firm and long? It is not so easy growing the natural hair because you might be damaging it unknown to you making the growth stout.

There are definitely so many things you can do to help your natural hair growth, anybody can grow longer hair with the right home remedies. Below are the steps needed to help your hair growth:


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1. Moisturize your hair 

Water helps a lot, so in addition to other remedies drink the recommended 8 glasses of water everyday because it helps to keep your hair moisturized. Moisturize your hair with natural hair moisturizers like coconut oil, olive oil, and the purest Shea butter, do this as often as possible, everyday if you will.

2. Deep Condition your hair

Deep conditioning treatment moisturizes and restores balance to your hair and should be done no longer than 3 weeks for 30-4- min with a dryer and if you do not have a dryer then leave it for longer.

3. Trim and Dust your Ends.

Its important to trim your ends every month to achieve a certain balance. a lot of women don’t believe in trimming and dusting their hair but one thing you should note is that this is really important and scientifically proving that it improves hair growth.

4. Untangle your hair

untangling your hair helps to reduce hair breakage, helps to manage your hair and also you will be able to comb through your hair easily, its best to untangle your hair in the showers using a wide tooth comb.

5. Protective Hairstyle

There are a lot of hairstyles that are considered as protective asides from being protective this hairstyles also save time and money and are also low maintenance. Some of this hairstyles include big braids, buns, human hair weaves and wigs. Weaves and wigs are especially used for growing out hair.

6. Avoid Blow Drying

The tugging and excessive heat from blow drying can be very damaging to your hair, its better and safer to air dry your hair although its time consuming but it saves your hair from damaging and its less stressful.

7. Avoid highly chemical hair products

You work against your hair when you use products with very high chemicals, instead opt for simple and natural products like essential oils and Shea butter that would help nourish and balance your hair, helping it to grow health.

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