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When it comes to dressing in style, especially when a colour as beautiful as white is selected, lots of questions emerge, such as; what colour matches with white shoes, what colour pants to wear with white shoes, what kind of shoes to wear with a white dress, what casual shoes to wear with skinny jeans and so on.

Well, in the midst of hard-hitting the colour train this season, heading back to the ultimate basic can feel like a refreshing palette cleanser. There’s something both clean and delicate about a bright white shoe, and it’s a finishing touch that matches with practically everything in our closet.

Yes! Fashion’s love affair with an untouched pair of powder white sneakers is well-known, but it’s time to spotlight the array of ivory sandals, mules, and boots patiently sitting on the sidelines.
There are lots of white shoes you can think of rocking until they are not white anymore. Some of these can even go well for a bride. Besides, these shoes are equally made to get dirty so, how often you rock them doesn’t really matter.
Since they are made to get dirty, meaning that you can go in search of a much better one when the worst happens. Therefore, suitable white shoes are numerous, but we’ll show you a few. Here are the six white shoes for all lovers of white;

1. ASKA Goldie Boots:


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2. Tabitha Simmons Cleo Polka-Dot Twill Slides:


3. Stuart Weitzman The Citysandal Sandal:



4.Loq Villa:


5. Tibi Jean Boot:


6. Topshop Neeve Metal Caged Heel Sandals:


Go ladies! Put on your white shoes and own every stage you find yourself!

If you have got an amazing style game and you want to showcase it to the world. Send us an email at [email protected] Who knows? We might just feature you!

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