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Fashion is relative, some people view it as enigmatic and I totally agree because I see it as elusive, being that the nature of fashion revolves around a persons personality or mood. The difference in our personality makes up for what we call sense of style which has been accepted as a differential between what makes one woman special and the other not so much. Our sense of style is what makes me love a black dress and another a Pink dress.

There’s nothing wrong with being different and we can see this clearly, at a point some Icons who thought they knew best decided to set down rules on how to be stylish, many were useful and resonated with all personalities while the rest had to be contested. The creatives that contested this rules open the world to a new era, now everyone is beginning to accept other peoples personal style realizing that being stylish has to do with a persons characteristics.

When it comes to looking effortlessly stylish, it all boils down to what you feel comfortable wearing, its never about the other person, its always about you but this doesn’t mean you cannot get inspiration from other’s. There are several people whose sense of style might be or is similar to your’s you can draw inspiration from this person. You can also draw inspiration from mainstream fashion; right now the Ankara fabric is the absolute best choice that you need to make to create a stylish look without the need of seeming like you tried too hard.

Because the Ankara fabric is vibrant, boisterous and full off cultural motifs and decorations, its easy to understand why this fabric speaks to every personality.

Below are 6 ways to look stylish without trying too hard;


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