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Well, if you want a time to think, spread your wings and enjoy the breeze, then you need to go to the beach. Beaches are one of the very many places to relax and they are very popular during sunny days, beaches are perfect places for picnics. There are infinite numbers of beaches around the globe but have you ever been to a beach and thought it had a nice color to it? Most beaches are brightened up by the umbrellas and people but not these, this are the 6 top amazing and unusual colored beaches in the World that you have to see, believe and know just where they are located.

  • Green Beach: Known as Papakolea Beach and located in the Island of Hawaii, this beach is made of tiny olivine crystals from surrounding lava rocks. The olivine crystals are kept at the coast as a result of their density resulting in the accumulation of an olive-green coast.


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  • Red Beach: Santorini Red beach (also known as Kokkini beach) is on the shores of Greece, at the base of giant red cliffs high over the blue waters of the Mediterranean sea. The red color results from the surrounding iron black and red lava rocks from ancient volcanic eruptions.


  • Black Beach: The color of this beach is as a result of a past explosive volcanic eruption with a mixture of titanium, iron and other volcanic substances. This automatically give’s a rich black sparkling sands on the waterlines of New Zealand.


  • Pink Beach: Getting its hue from thousands of broken coral pieces, shells left behind by tiny marine creatures. These pink sands can be found on Harbour Island of the Bahamas.


  • Purple Beach: A very attractive tourist beach in California, USA is the Pfeiffer beach which has violent sands resulted from the run-offs of manganese garnet from surrounding mountains.


  • Orange Beach: Located in Malta, is this fairly quiet and deserted beach with golden red hue due to the high iron content.


Share with us what other unusual colored beach you know and their location in the Comment box.

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