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Caring for your ankara fabric requires having a basic knowledge of what type of fabric it is. The hydrophilic nature of ankara fabric gives it the ability to absorb moisture quickly and dry fast. This gives the fabric a cooling effect and makes it perfect for sunny weather.



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These are the six best ways to keep your ankara from fading;

1.Don’t wash with detergent: It’s preferable to use mild soap when washing with hands, instead of detergent. Detergents easily fade fabrics as they are very harsh, especially on the ankara fabric.

2.Launder ankara only when necessary: It’s not advisable to wash this fabric often. Just launder only when the need arises.

3.Hand wash your ankara: If you wish to enjoy your fabric, wash with hands.Washing machines and dryers can be extremely rough on the ankara fabric that you put inside them.

4.Use Baking soda: Stains are sometimes unavoidable. Try using baking soda or an alternative that is not as harsh as bleach to get rid of stains on your ankara fabric.

5.Treat only the areas that need to be cleaned: There just occasions whereby you just need to treat only the spots or areas that need to be cleaned and let it air dry.

6.Tossing: Try tossing your ankara fabric into the wash with a tablespoon of salt. The chloride content of the salt will help seal the colour in. This also works for scarves and rugs.

Do well to pamper your ankara fabric; treat it with great care!

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