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There are various beautiful eye colours. The brown eyes are included in this group. Brown eyes appear brown due to the presence of a pigment known as melanin. Brown eyes have a very gorgeous hue. You can as well enhance the beauty of your brown eyes by applying matching eyeshadows. The good news is; they are easy to play up, since brown is a mix of the primary colours. Therefore, the right shade of eyeshadow can make it even more alluring. Here are six best eyeshadows to make bewitching brown eyes even better;

1. MAC: This eyeshadow is a warm-toned, chestnut brown ideal for the brown eyes. Softly smudge into the lash line or use it in the crease. This warms up the brown in your eyes when applied with a generous mascara,.”



Hello World

2. DIOR: This makes beautiful contrast brown eyes stand out; the whites of the eyes appear brighter as well. This palette is the perfect combination of shades.




2. NARS: This is a great product that is easy to blend. The  beautiful copper brown that picks up flecks of gold hues in the eyes is good for a little shimmer. It’s also recommended that you pair it with the brand’s Via De’ Martelli eyeliner.




4. TOM FORD BEAUTY: Simply put, these eyeshadow palettes are every lady’s favourite. The gold perfectly highlights the gold in brown eyes. These feature both sparkly and matte colours.


eye4-tom ford

Tom Ford

5. GIORGIO ARMANI: When in search of an ideal shade to apply during the holiday, go for this product. It’s a perfect definition of elegant gold that highlights brown eyes. You’ll definitely have those killer eyes you’ve always wanted.


eye5-giorgio armani

Giorgio Armani

6. CHANEL: Being a huge fan of brown shadow on brown eyes, you will, I’m sure, go for this palette which has two brown shades along with two highlight colours. This is more gorgeous when you apply on the lower lid, topped with a highlighter shade to create that lovely smoky effect.



Never you settle for less dearies. Go for eyeshadows that make those bewitching brown eyes of yours even better!

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