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Hey Divas,

Have you ever wondered about which other wedding related business apart from wedding planning that you can indulge in? Well a lot of attention has been shifted to wedding planners that they ought to plan all aspect of a wedding ceremony, of which it is not true.


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Here are the 5 wedding related business you can do…

Wedding dress sales and rentals

You can provide services of selling bridal gowns for brides who want to buy and also provide services for rentals.

The price of wedding dresses has gone up now; many are resolving to rent a gown since they need it for just one day. You can provide a service where brides can rent, rather than buy  dresses for their wedding ceremony. With this everybody gains, the bride getS her dress at A cheaper rate, you get your own gain as well.

Become a wedding MC

You don’t have to be overly funny to be a wedding ceremony MC. You have to know how to organize things and make the event orderly, with just the right sense of humor and ability to relate with and manage large crowds, you can MC a wedding and make money for yourself.

Gift-packaging services

Some wedding guests do have a hard time picking and packing the right gift for the couple, so you can provide gift packaging and delivery services to make that part easier for the guests.

Provide honeymoon services

The married life starts right from the honeymoon. Help the couple have an exotic experience by helping them plan each and every detail that will give them the satisfaction they crave.

Bridal makeup artist

Everyone who attends a wedding ceremony look out to see a beautiful bride. If you are skilled with the art of applying makeup, you can make it a means to make money for yourself.


I hope you know there is more to wedding related business than the wedding planning, so it is time to explore and create a business for yourself.

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