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Eko Oni Baje O!!! Okay so I am a Lagosians and I wonder if I should be writing this article but hey based on the fact that I have friends that recently moved to Lagos I have to give myself the go ahead because if I don’t write it who will? Anyways guys here’s a little something about me, though I was born in Lagos I found myself out of the state and the country as well for a good part of my life and so getting back to Lagos things were definitely not the same.

Now whether you lived abroad or maybe you stayed in another part of Nigeria you should know this, Lagos is not your AVERAGE city, it is the best, biggest and most boisterous city in the whole of west Africa (and sometimes I dare say Africa). I mean life in Lagos is so exciting and so addictive that if you are not careful you would get sucked in (which isn’t such a bad thing).



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The fashion here is also electrifying and trust me every real Lagos babe can spot a newbie from a mile away, well that’s because things are most certainly different even the weather is different so therefore your wardrobe has to be different and practical. Lagos is a busy city and like every busy city its hard to find your way around without hinges so you have to sometimes trade great style for comfort. Here’s 5 things that you shouldn’t wear once you move to Lagos;

1. Heavy Wool Trench Coat: Fam! Lagos is hot and trust me you would want to do away with anything wool related. The Oyinbo’s didn’t make wool for this country so if you are moving from yankee (US) OR jand (UK) or wherever country please dash them out.

2. Multi Colored Ensemble: I hail my people from the east; Look, Lagos is a fashion forward city, everyone follows the trend here so if you come here and you pair purple and green and all types of colors together you are setting yourself up for embarrassment.

3. Impractical Shoes: Ladies, the streets of Lagos are not laid with tiles of gold or any material for that matter, the pavements are rarely smooth, also the leg work in Lagos can be compared to the streets of New York  so do yourself a favor leave all impractical shoe behind

4. White Pants: Okay son’t do away with this totally (I do have white pants too) but you should zero your mind that you might likely use a lot of bleach on it later when you have to take out the stains. There’s a lot of dirt and dust here so be prepared.

5. Clothes that are Too Big: Mummy christian, weh done ma!… the Christians in Lagos are stylish and they don’t wear over-size. If you want to flow like a true Lagosian you have to look good even if you are covered up so please start to buy your size from now on.


There’s just so much things you shouldn’t wear once you move to Lagos, maybe I would write a part two of this post. If you have an idea of the things I failed to add please lets get the comment section popping with them.

If you have got an amazing style game and you want to showcase it to the world. Send us an email at [email protected] Who knows? We might just feature you!

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