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A facial involves a variety of skin treatments such as exfoliation, steaming, extraction, creams, lotions, facial masks, massage and peels. Regular facial is a hallmark of a good skin-care regimen, be it in a spa or at home. A deep cleaning is always beneficial for the skin, but there’s an aspect which is not so clear to many of us, on the issue of facials and a lot of us always forget to ask our aestheticians this question; ‘What do I do to my skin before and after getting a facial?’

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Facial care

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Here are five things you need to know before your next facial;

1. Timing: There’s actually no specific time to get a facial; any time is fine. Therefore, if you enjoy the morning facial so that you can glow all day, go for it. If you also prefer getting it done later in the day, it’s fine.

2. Applying Makeup: After getting a facial, the face is a great palette for makeup. In fact,  it makes your makeup sit better thus, put makeup on over it and ensure to wash the face before going to bed.

3. Treatments: It’s best to avoid any treatments or ingredients that may aggravate your skin, knowing full well that so many facials involve intense exfoliation. Thus, avoid acid peels until your skin has healed from the exfoliation, about a week.

4. Use night creams: Night creams are specifically designed for the state of your skin when you’re asleep. It’s made to soak in throughout the night and react to the warmer temperature of your skin while you sleep. You can also use a serum before applying your night cream.

5. Getting help from your aesthetician: Do well to ask your aesthetician the necessary things you can do for yourself. Knowing what to do after you leave your facial appointment guarantees a glowing complexion every single time. Facial results are usually extended by following up at home with a great routine designed by your beautician thus, use the facial as your chance to take your skin to the next level.

A glowing complexion is truly guaranteed!

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