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A lot of us are just beginning to feel the way the dry season is beginning to set in, even if we still experience heavy downpour in some parts of the country. Already, we are feeling the drying effects the weather is having on our skin. While a heavier cream might help soothe the flaky patches on our cheeks, it does no favour for our shiny forehead. You need to know the smartest ways to moisturize so that everything feels right.



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Here are the five smartest ways to hydrate your face without making it a total grease;

1.Use Less Product:

Despite the fact that you probably want to slather on as much cream as you can, using more products doesn’t mean more hydration. Your skin won’t be able to absorb it if you use too much of the stuff, as it leaves the excess sitting on your face. Thus, start with a dime-size amount of moisturizer and add more as needed.

2.Try Upgrading Your Moisturizer:

You need to look at the label on your moisturizer. Ingredients like petrolatum and coconut oil can be too greasy on skin and clog pores. On the other hand, creams with glycerin draw water into your skin and keep it soft without smothering it.

 3.Reverse Your Application:Starting to apply any product at the center of your face and work your way out to the edges actually deposits the majority of the cream on your T-zone, the area that is most prone to midday shine. This is the wrong thing most people do. Apply moisturizer along the perimeter of your face first and work your way in to get a smooth skin.

4.Regularly Exfoliate:

No amount of lotion will work properly if it’s applied on top of dead skin cells. In order to get the most out of your moisturizer, try combining both physical and chemical exfoliants. Layer a serum under your night cream every two or three days to help dissolve the glue that binds the dead cells together.

5.Check Your Cleanser Regularly:

Ensure that you keep this simple and scale back; wash your face with a gentle cleanser at night only. Don’t use a fancy formula that foams and tingles. Besides, no need to double up on the stuff in the morning.

You feed your face with good health when you hydrate it. Try any of these smartest ways of hydrating the face this time. Your face will sing your praises!

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