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There is nothing as disturbing as when you are not sure of your boyfriends love for you. A relationship will only last if both partners wants it to, Its hard for partners to stay together when their feelings for each other are unequal and there will always be problems down the line when you love your partner more than he loves you. Many are stuck with this question does he really love me? no matter what they keep on telling themselves, They love this guy but figuring out if their love is reciprocated gets them insane, They want to be 100% sure that their Partner loves them before they make a big mistake. Here are some clear signs to know if this guy loves you;


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1. You are always the one who calls or text first

Nowadays everyone has their phones on them at all times and its not hard to push a call through unless he is busy at work or school than you are then he should be able to call or text sometimes, But when you are always doing the calls and he is not giving it back, You are always the one making plans and you send multiple messages or calls before he decides to answer you back, Then you probably love him more than he does.

2. He’s always reluctant in discussing his feelings

When he does not always talk about his feelings towards you and he’s always saying he is not sure of his feelings and does not know where the relationship is leading you to then that is a clear sign he does not love you at the moment.

3. He pressurizes you to change

If he loves you he would be much more likely to compliment you instead of making you feel bad about yourself. But when he doesn’t love you he will always look out for your flaws as an excuse and want to change you instead of appreciating you as an individual.

4. You initiate all the affection

If you are the one who initiates all the affection like holding hands and cuddling while he initiates $3x only , That is also a sign because $3x is not the same as affection and not the only way of showing affection towards someone, If he never wants to be close to you outside the bedroom. Though some guys are shy and introverted but when you are dating an outgoing guy and you are still initiating affection then you need to rethink about the relationship.

5. He doesn’t want to introduce you to his family/He never wants to know about your family

If you have introduced him to your family and he doesn’t want to reciprocate there is a reason why he doesn’t want to do so. And if life always revolve around him like you are always visiting him, You know his friends and family and he doesn’t care to know where you reside by visiting you that is a sign. Its understandable when someone is nervous to come visit you and know your love ones but when an attempt is not made he probably does not see you in his future.

Have you had such experience? Lets hear your thought and opinion in the comment box below.

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