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Most people are so in love with themselves that there is no more space left for any other person, they are so self-centered that anything that will not be profitable to them will never be part of their agenda. This kind of people will never wake up one morning and appreciate what a wonderful person you are to them no matter how hard you try, it doesn’t matter how flexible and understanding you are or how much you love them they will never change who they are. They will never reciprocate your love because of selfishness; all their time, interest, love and affections are turned inwards on themselves and there would be nothing left over for you, here are signs that you are in love with someone that does not deserve you.


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1. They are takers and not givers

People in mutual relationships give their time, resources, love and space to their partners. In a giving relationship, everyone is taken care of and happy but with a taker everything is one-sided. You do not need to be with someone who sucks in resources and gives nothing back in return, you need someone who knows that you have your own desires, emotions and needs, someone who can give back to the relationship more than they take away from it.

2. They cannot be counted on

These kind of people live in their own world and cannot see past their own enormous self, if you need them, they will not be there for you because it would not be convenient for them and they will not benefit from it. You need a partner you can count on, someone that you are there for and can also be there for you when it matters.

3. They lie to you and cheat on you

A partner that never tells you where he or she is going or who they are seeing is living a double life and using you to support the other. They are only important to themselves so they will always lie to you because you are not important to them. This kind of partners thinks every one is to be used and discarded to further their pleasure, so they don’t love you enough to be honest with you and they are never generous enough to end one relationship before starting another.

4. They are never team oriented

Nothing can get close to a singularity kind of person without being destroyed in the process because they are so self-oriented that they need to win to wisp their own ego. Their ego is so feeble that it cannot stand seeing someone else do well even if it is their significant other. Be with someone who will trail the same direction as you and is willing to put in more effort even if he or she will get no kudos for it.

5. They deprecate you

It is one thing to tease your partner and be teased in return, but when your partner make mean comments with the sole aim of hurting you, then it is time to go. A partner that loves and respect you will not belittle you and would certainly not do it in the presence of other people but a guy that does not deserve you will do that because it is in their nature.

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