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Being in love is one of the most magical experiences in life, though, questions if to stay or not to stay will arise when you just meet someone new. You will start to think if she/he is the one or not, you will have doubts whether you are both compatible, you assume both of you are or are not soulmates etc. Most times, it’s as simple as stepping back and opening up your heart to what is in front of you, continue reading to know signs that you are destined to be together;


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1. You respect each other

Respect requires honesty and the truest kind of love is how you behave with one another in a relationship. You get to share things that you wouldn’t tell anyone with your partner in the state of respect, respect is earned and when your relationship provides you safety and security, then you have found your perfect match.

2. You are not jealous

You create time for each other but also require space because there is no jealousy in the relationship and you still remain individuals. You don’t feel insecure because you feel at ease with and without each other at all time and you both spend time with friends apart and each time you reconnect it is always rewarding. You are not possessive or dependent, you crave to be with each other but it is important to have freedom of expression and separate interests.

3. You can be vulnerable

You get to be raw and real when you open up to your partner and there is always beauty in accepting your flaws and that of another. Owning each others stories is freeing and it’s in that vulnerability that true love flourishes. If you can share and bear your soul without being scrutinized or criticized, this person is a keeper.

4. You laugh together

Being silly comes natural and laughter is ever present in your relationship. Most times, relationships start as friends, you value each other enough to be yourself and it is a healthy place. If you can laugh at yourself with your partner without holding back the sarcasm you have something that is beyond special.

5. You raise each other

You bring each other to the best possible versions of yourselves, you become explorers and adventurers in finding ways to bring joy to one another. You accept everything without feeling judged and that is the best way to enhance your relationship, if your relationship is based on admiration and inspiration for each other, then you have found a gem in your life.


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