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Nothing is as annoying as having your flight cancelled or delayed. This throws you off balance as though you suddenly got a call of nature. At this point, you must have been thinking of or racking your brain to remember if you’ve got any airline personnel to call.

Airlines cancellation happens day in, day out. Some flights are diverted owing to one reason or the other; it could probably be that the skies are not friendly, or the airplane has one technical fault or the other. If I  may ask, what do you do in such a case? Do you keep ranting at the airport just because you couldn’t board a plane? No! Keep your cool and think out of the box. Here are the necessary things you should do when your flight is delayed or cancelled;



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1 Grab a room if it’s late:

When it’s 8 p.m. or later and you find out that there are either system-wide weather-related delays and cancellations, or your destination is small and thus there’s the possibility of having no free seat on another flight the same day, throw in the towel and use a hotel booking app to grab a hotel room at or near the airport.

2.Avoidance of regional jets flying out of hub airports:

Try not to book a flight into a small one if you are flying out of a major airport. This is because small regional planes are not always taken as a priority by hub airports; bumping them affects fewer passengers and costs airlines less money than rerouting an air bus.

3.Check a route’s on-time performance before booking:

 There are airline sites that let you see which flights get delayed and canceled a lot. Get acquainted with these as certain flights can be consistently awful and should be avoided.

4.Be the immovable object:

Always refuse to move. If you find yourself making it to the front of the line, demand to be booked on another airline. A flight info app like ‘OntheFly‘ can show you which flights exist on other carriers. Most personnel appreciate an informed customer. Despite knowing this, be polite, but firm when re-booking. Don’t leave the front of the line until they’ve agreed, or airport cops show up and start pulling out truncheons.

5.While you wait in line, call the airline:

 Doing this can be very helpful too. They’ll probably pick up the phone before the harried gate person gets to you, as they will be a lot more helpful.



Missing a flight, having it delayed or cancelled is not the end of it all. Do the needful!

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