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If you have been struggling for a while to conceive then going into the IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) programme must have crossed your mind; it is also likely that you might have asked yourself  questions like, is it going to drain my bank account? would it work? etc… Well we’ve listed below 5 fable’s of IVF you shouldn’t believe.


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1. While the IVF plan seems very surreal in Nigeria it is indeed existent and lets not beat around the bush, it is very expensive but the first cycle is definitely not up to 15 million as some people have been spreading (except you travel abroad for treatment). Treatments can cost you about 2 million more or less.

2. IVF seems like a common practice, well it would surprise you that it certainly is not. There are other treatments like Zygote Intrafallopian transfer, intracytoplasmic sperm injection and a host of others. Basically you should speak to your doctor before taking the IVF route.

3. There’s a tale going on that you would probably have twins with IVF… while this is true it is not a given. Women with their doctors choose to have more than one embryo transferred, this is so that they can increase their chances of conception.

4. While going through the IVF cycle you would be given hormone shot and many people think that because the IVF hormones contain estrogen you become an unpredictable emotional mess. Yous should know that estrogen is a happy hormone and so the IVF drugs would raise its presence in the body.

5. The odds of conception with IVF as with any medical procedure is full of grey areas so stating generally that everyone has a 40% chance is just blind walking. The odds of the procedure working has everything to do with your situation, health and your body.


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