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No doubt, any girl in her twenties looks very youthful and is at her physical peak. This is a great time to try out new things and generally just have fun. It is also the perfect time to put in place, habits that will shape the state of your health for years to come. These healthy habits should be thought of as the foundations for any girl’s future self. One should also think about how she’d like to look and feel later on in life. Timing is everything, which means it’s time to start now with some healthy habits. Here are the five healthy habits you ought to start in your twenties;

1.Investing In Good Shoes:

Despite the fact that you’d want to appear $3xy at all times, you should try as much as possible to invest in good shoes. If you are really serious about your health, purchasing a pair of properly fitted workout shoes is a must. You need to be making sure you are supporting your bones and joints with well-cushioned footwear as they start to age.

Good shoes

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2. Drinking More Water:

Jokes apart, water is the elixir for everlasting youth. It might seem unrealistic, but it’s not uncommon to go a whole day without more than a few sips. Thus, always keep a water bottle with you. If you think you need more of a reminder, stick a Post-it note to your computer screen at home, and at work so as to keep up with this routine.

Drinking water

3. Turning-In Early:

Keeping late nights after late nights can be a ticking time bomb for your health. Sure, it can be hard to tuck yourself in early, but cutting back on sleep can lead to heart disease and stroke. Not to mention the overall appearance of your skin. To ensure you are getting the best beauty sleep possible therefore, head to bed earlier. It truly helps.

Sleeping early

4. Getting A Gym Buddy:

You should also consider signing up to some classes with a friend. It’s a great way to stay motivated, push yourself and have fun while you are sweating it out.

Gym buddy

5. Daily Exercise:

No one is compelling you to run five kilometers per day, but it’s essential to be active each day so as to prevent ongoing health problems later in life. Be it a fitness class, gym or just getting off a stop early on the bus, just try to move, whichever way you love to.

Daily exercise

Time truly waits for no man. No lady should joke with these healthy habits, as they make you look younger and fit everyday of your life, equally preparing you for the future!

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