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Hey everyone,

I hope you’all are having a great Thursday, I know many peeps are excited because the week is almost over. These days, women would do anything to be considered fashionable and wear whats in vogue.This bothers me a lot because most women just see certain celebrities wear some outfits or read fashion blogs/ magazines and go all the way to get similar outfits. What most of us don’t realize is that there are certain factors we should consider before getting clothes, shoes and other fashion items. Women make a lot of mistakes when it come to fashion so I’ll be discussing 5 fashion mistakes women make below.

  • Trends: The first mistake women make is  trying to follow whats trending in the fashion world, either from fashion blogs, magazines, fashion stations and a whole lot. Asides from the fact that following trends is very expensive, some of the so called trends don’t go with our body type, color, weather and other factors. Whatever trend you decide you want to follow or wear, be sure it fits with your body size and your budget

Wrong trend

Hello World


  • Too Much Makeup: Having makeup is one of the coolest thing ever because apart from beautifying the face and giving confidence, well for some that are not comfortable and confident with their face without make up,which is not a bad thing because everyone has their own perspective and way of life. What bothers me is that some women over do the make up on their face which deviates from the purpose of make up . Applying light eye shadow, eye liner, powder is enough for an everyday make up but you’ll see some women just going to the mall to see a movie with heavy bridal make up. This mistake is so rampant and I hope many women learn and be easy with make up.

Inappropriate Makeup


  • Too Much Colors: Wearing too much colors is another fashion mistake, many women think its a fashion to do, but wearing too many  colorful pieces at once would make you look funny and as a business or career woman, this is bad because you won’t be taken seriously when you are all dressed up in funny attires.

Weird Combination


  • Too much Accessories: Many women make this mistake of wearing heavy ear rings, necklaces that don’t even go with their outfit. Imagine wearing an architecture earring, a choker, a nose ring, bangles on a T shirt and jeans outfit, This is actually too much to be worn in one look. Avoid too much and heavy jewelry at the same time. Minimal accessories is the secret to looking good.

Too many jewelry


  • Clothes that don’t fit: This is another fashion mistake women make by wearing clothes bigger or smaller than them. Don’t wear bigger clothes because you want to hide folds and wear smaller clothes because you want to show you are small.The right clothes is very important because it shows off the important places it should.

Not the right size


Get the right fashion items that fit and wear whatever you are comfortable in and avoid making great fashion mistakes.

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Have a great day. xoxo Thonia

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