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$3x and skin are interwoven here;  for ladies of the ripe age, both happen to be our favourite things. It is true that there are so many health benefits of $3x to the woman, including the man, but the outer benefit is more obvious than the inner one;  a clearer complexion. Nothing can be compared to $3x when it comes to having a fresh complexion. It probably sounds too good to be true, but anything is possible.



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Here are five fantastic benefits of $3x to your skin;

1. $3x exercise: $3x is considered a form of exercise. Having known that physical activity increases blood flow, which increases circulation and equals vibrant skin. It helps increase your heart rate and maximize your blood flow. Besides, you can get all the skin benefits without going to the gym by burning calories doing the horizontal mambo.

2. Better skin resulting from less stress: Knowing full well that stress has been linked to beauty problems such as wrinkles and skin conditions,  you can actually ward off wrinkles by having $3x. Hormones released during $3x help boost collagen production. Therefore, saddling up with$3x to rid yourself of worries is one of the fantastic benefits of $3x to your skin.

 3. Serves as a makeup alternative: During your intimate workout, increased circulation causes your skin to glow. In addition to the infamous after-$3x glow. Your pout is also affected; lips can be fuller due to excess blood flow. The endorphin released during $3x makes you look happier because you are happy when you have $3x.

4. Purifying skin as a result of sweat: Everything in life has its pros and cons; sweating is always good for the skin, in as much as it has its bad side. It opens up pores and clears out impurities and toxins. You skin glows when you sweat, only if you try reaping the skin benefits by rinsing off all those leaked impurities as soon as possible.

5. Remedies acne: Having $3x could ward off pimples; it reduces hormone levels, which can help with breakouts. Also, birth control can keep your skin very clear. Birth control pills help decrease acne flares, if you are prone to acne. Usually, the  estrogen and  progesterone content of birth control help in the lowering of hormones in your body which increases acne on the skin.

Truly, $3x is a wonder worker to your skin!

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