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Having white set of teeth is one thing that makes a lady attractive. To get these, it’s either you fall back on home made teeth whitening substances or you resort to reliable teeth whitening products.These are the five best teeth whitening products you need;

1.Colgate Optic toothpaste: This two in one kit consists of three things; a Colgate Optic toothbrush, a whitening pen and Colgate Optic toothpaste. It takes is a few seconds to whiten your teeth with this; use the whitening pen to apply the gel to your teeth and after about two days you should notice a difference in the color of your teeth.



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2. Crest 3D White Luxe whitestripes: This product not only removes stains, but whiten the teeth as well. The white strips are like an eraser and literally erase the deep stains that have ruined your teeth over the years. It takes just thirty minutes to achieve this.


t2 crest


3. Brilliant HD Deluxe Teeth Whitening Kit: It takes just one treatment for this whitening solution to remove stains of all kinds from your teeth. You will notice a big difference in the way you smile. The kit comes with two mouth trays used to cover your teeth. It’s also easy to apply.

t3 deluxe

Brilliant HD

4. Shine Whitening-Zero Peroxide  Teeth Whitening system: The uniqueness of this product is that it doesn’t use peroxide; you don’t have to worry about gum irritation or sensitivity. It’s botanical components will immediately go to work removing stains that have built up over the years.

t4 shine white

Shine white

5. Rembrandt 2-Hour Whitening Kit: With this kit, you can brighten your smile in just two hours. It comes with a special whitening gel that dentists use to remove deep stains. This is completely enamel safe and very potent.

t5 Rembrandt 2-Hour Whitening Kit


They are truly the best!

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