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We’ve got a very beautiful world which is full of awe-inspiring landscapes. Despite this, Mother Nature is a cruel mistress and the powerful forces of erosion, rising seas, and the inevitable effects of tourism, render many of the current wonders of the world nearly unrecognizable in the next century. You need to visit these places now.

Here are the five best places you should visit before they vanish;

1.Madagascar, Africa:

This island nation of unique animal population has been left with massive deforestation which is vulnerable to extinction. Madagascar, huddled off the coast of Africa, has lush expanses of rain forest that are home to thousands of unique animal species as well as some of the oldest trees in the world, such as the ancient Baobabs. It is best to explore and experience the joys of this outdoor paradise before the forests and the animals in it fade from existence.


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2.The Great Barrier Reef, Australia:

The Great Barrier Reef, hidden from view beneath the waves, has been rapidly dying off. Ravaged by pollution and disease, nearly fifty percent of this once massive sprawl of coral is gone. Visit here soon and if possible, practise eco-tourism so as to keep the reef from continued degradation.

Barrier reef

3.Venice, Italy:

Hovering over a lagoon, this iconic city is sinking rapidly. This is portrayed in the canals that make up the streets of Venice which rise every year, with submerging relics of history and ravaging architecture. Thus, experts warn that without intervention, this city on stilts will soon disappear back into the water at an even faster rate, consumed by the rising sea levels of melting polar ice caps.


4.Machu Picchu, Peru:

So many adventurous tourists have been drawn into these Incan ruins in the mountains of South America, to marvel at an outstanding piece of archaeology for centuries. The forces of natural erosion have been accelerated by tourism and this landmark faces severe impact from increasing foot traffic. A cable car was recently proposed by the Peruvian government which would have cut out much of the intense hike up to the ruins, making the site instantly accessible to millions.

Machu Picchu

5.Glacier National Park, Montana:

You must have heard that the ice caps are melting. Nowhere is that more apparent in the United States than in Glacier National Park. Estimates indicate that the glaciers that are part of the majestic beauty of this national landmark will disappear entirely in the next two decades.

Glacier National Park

These are trilling sites. How I wish we could do something extra-ordinary to preserve these gifts of nature. That’s the more reason you should try visiting these five best places before they vanish. Delay could be very dangerous. Try and visit these places soon!

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