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Our beauty treatments involve caring for our hair, whitening our teeth, making our skin glow, tanning, peeling our feet to make them softer, and lots more. It would be so disheartening to spend much on beauty products that don’t yield good results; that’s why we ladies love products that deliver instant results. Here are five beauty treatments that yield instant results;

1. Hair: Use Christophe Robin Moisturizing Hair Oil with Lavender and get your hair instantly conditioned within an hour. Applying this is an easy way to heal dry and damaged hair. For a healthier hair, apply this effective formula to dry hair for as long as you want and wash away. Just slick it on and pull your hair under a shower cap while the formula softens strands. This formula is one product that you would return to again and again.


Christophe Robin

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2. Teeth: Make your teeth whiter within an hour with Crest 3D White Whitestrips 1 Hour Express. The result is instant. This is the delight of every dentist. This whitens and brightens teeth incredibly, but requires daily compliance.


3D Crest

 3. Body PeelApplying Stacked Skincare TCA Multi Acid Body Peel in just ten minutes gives a smooth and radiant skin the next morning. The results of this body peel won’t disappoint. All you have to do is to brush onto skin overnight and forget about it until the next morning when you have to shower.


Stacked Skincare


4. Skin Tan: Within one to three hours, you achieve that instant glow on your skin with St. Tropez Self Tan. Naturally, people hate self-tanners just because they are sticky and stain sheets, but when it comes to getting a nice glow, there’s a huge innovation in the market that makes tanning totally bearable; St. Tropez Self Tan.
This gives foolproof results that look natural. You’d have a light and subtle tan in just few hours after using this.

St. Tropez

5. Smooth Feet: For your foot peel, use Baby Foot Foot Peel . This gives a smooth feet within an hour, but you achieve full results in less than a week.This is insanely effective as the name implies; it leaves you with that lovely baby foot, as it peels very fast.

Baby Foot

These are truly magical!

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