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This might be so confusing especially when you always try to keep your record clean and straight, but sometimes you could be guilty of cheating on your boyfriend  unconsciously. You might have tried to figure out what i’m trying to say but we cannot deny the fact that we do all this things subconsciously, here are the ways you can be unfaithful to your partner without knowing; black_couple_laughing

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1. Getting really close to a male colleague: The only man you should be close to is your partner and this does not mean you shouldn’t keep male friends, rather you shouldn’t go so close to them. If you are really close to a man that is not your partner, I bet you wouldn’t take the risk to tell your partner because you know he will frown at it and the fact that you don’t want to tell him means you are cheating.

2. Dressing to stimulate some other guy: It is never a bad idea to look or feel good but looking good to impress a friend or acquaintance is not cool when you have a partner. You know your boo will not be happy to know that you are making effort to look good all to impress others and not him.

3. Checking out some charming dude: You might think that it is not a big deal because you may not even see the dude again but would you admire that guy when your man is around? If you can’t do it in his presence, doing it at his absence is cheating.

4. Discussing him with your mum: He might go crazy when he realizes how much you have told your mum about him and that is why you never let him know which simply means you are cheating.

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My name is Queen I  will like to tell you about the man am dating, am 19 and he is 26 years old. we love each other so much, he is very disciplined and popular too,he supports me and he dose everything possible to please me no matter how busy he is, he tells me his mind and we always communicate, he loves everything about me and always tell me to be myself and just be happy, he dose not have much but he tries to give me a lot especially his time. we have been friends since the beginning of this year and we started dating just 4 months ago.things started happen as we got engaged in $3xual activities because I kind of seduced him but it did not lead to $3x. because he said he would never sleep with me. pls I would really need some relationship advice in other to keep us together and is kind of early and the road is really long for us. because we plan our future together .What do you think. thank you.
Dear Lover-girl
 It is a very good feeling when you are in love and you know that your significant other feels the same. If your partner does not want to initiate $3x then you shouldn’t force him, it’s quite better to abstain from it. But you need to nurture your relationship so things won’t go wrong and that implies being focused on your relationship and not forgetting who you are in the long run.
 It is very fine if you have both included yourselves in your future plans but you need to take it one step at a time and be conscious so you don’t make any mistake that would either run.
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