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We wear makeup almost everyday of our lives, such that some of us are no longer comfortable with our natural looks. Despite making up everyday, it is still possible to be close to natural. Thanks to emerging natural makeup tips.

Perfecting a natural makeup look is tricky, but it’s not impossible. The major key is to keep it simple and enhance your natural features, but you must have a smooth and even complexion, sculpted cheeks and subtle pops of colour.

Here are the four tips for perfecting a natural makeup look;

1. Well Defined Brows:

It is  easier to enhance your natural beauty by cleaning up your brows and filling them using a natural brow shade such as dark brown to sculpt them. Besides, if you have stray hairs, grab your favorite tweezer and gently remove them prior to the application of brow powder. You can then follow up with cream concealer so as to add more structure to your face.


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2. Flawless Foundation:

Even if  you are into powder or liquid, a solid foundation is very fundamental to a natural look. It is therefore recommended that you stick to a light coverage so as to keep things as natural as possible. Ensure you apply a primer for a long lasting look too.


3. Highlight:

By adding a subtle pop of color into the inner corner or your eyes, cheekbones and brow bones, you literally brighten the overall look of your entire face without making you look too done up. Thus, stick with warm golden shades in order to compliment brown skin.


4. Defined Eyes:

Quickly applying your eyeliner can help open the eyes and add much definition. Stick to cream or pencil liner for the most natural look.  Add a delicate winged liner for a subtle pop, more bold and dramatic look. Also skip the false lashes, adding about two to three coats of your favorite lengthening mascara.

Defined eyes




It’s usually ideal for a lady to wear that natural look once in a while hence, get acquainted with these four tips for perfecting a natural makeup look!

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