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A broken relationship is like a deep wound that is a result of constant blows to your soul and heart unintentionally and at times intentionally. It is a hard decision but you don’t have to give up unless you have tried to make it work from every possible angle because you don’t want that guilt to linger on after you have broken up. Most times, relationships are fragile because that’s the way they are, it could be a union of two extremely sensitive people or two extremely strong people. So little changes can help you save your relationship, continue reading to see;


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1. Remind yourself of the person you first fell in love with

You need to remind yourself that you and your partner were not always like this, remind yourself of the way your partner was and how you fell in love with them. Remind yourself that the changes in your relationship are as a result of incidents and external factors, Try looking into the past and find that faith in your partner again. Treat him or her like you did in the beginning of the relationship, that way it won’t come to an end anytime soon.

2. Stop fighting, start forgiving

You have been fighting with your partner for so long and nothing good has come out of it, It’s time you stop all those bad words, hurtful statements and raised voices. Now that you are trying to find faith in your partner, forgive them and know that your partner didn’t mean to hurt you. There are some mistakes that seem unforgivable but do not drag the relationship on and make them feel like trash.  If there is a misunderstanding, problem or fight, keep quiet even if your partner does not.

3. It’s time to communicate

Many issues in a relationship can be resolved with the right kind of communication and this is when you keep all of your other issues afar from the current and address the problem in simple words. Miscommunication always leads to misunderstandings, do not use statements that might offend your partner and always show support whether you agree or not. Most fights are usually just simple misunderstanding that develops into bigger and badder things but you don’t need to freak out, calm yourself and then reason with them.

4. Commit yourself again

Reassure your partner that you still love them and you are ready to let go of the things they did to you and ask for forgiveness for the things you did to them. Try to find the love and spark you both had in the beginning of the relationship because love isn’t just a feeling, it is a choice. You choose to make it work, you choose to make an effort or you choose to have a relationship and you should at least give him a second chance.

Have you been in a broken relationship and how did you fix it? Share with us below.

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