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Contouring is one of the craziest beauty trends. This process of using a foundation or concealer about two to three shades darker and lighter than your skin to create more definition and structure in the face is super easy to do, but very easy to do incorrectly. One of the best ways to make a contour appear nice is through keeping it natural.

If I may ask, why would anyone want to do this? Well, contouring instantly takes pounds off your face thereby creating a slim and sculpted look. This is great for us girls with round faces. Besides, anyone can contour, as the key is to define and enhance what you were naturally born with!



Hello World

You need materials such as;

  • The beauty blender.
  • Foundations or concealers.
  • Setting spray.
  • Pressed powders.

Here are the four rules to achieve a natural contour;

Rule 1: Work With The Natural Shape of Your Face:
Trust me, the simplest way to create a natural contour is to work with the natural shape of your face. You do this by simply drawing a number three (3) along the side of your face with your foundation. By doing this, you create a contour in the natural hollow points of your face.
Rule 2: Go For A Beauty Blender:
Use a damp beauty blender to soften those harsh lines after applying your foundation. This is a way of turning those harsh lines into a beautiful natural contour. A concealer brush can be used too if you are not a fan of the beauty blender.
Rule 3: Use Less Products:
Always keep in mind that the goal is to enhance your natural features and not necessarily change the entire shape of your face, when it comes to contouring and highlighting. Thus, using less of products that build up is a great rule of thumb to achieve a natural look. Bear in mind that if you use too much product, you risk looking overdone.
Rule 4: Always Set Your Contour With A Powder:
While also using a beauty blender, this will help soften the look as well. Just apply a pressed  powder over the foundation so as to set it in place. You can also add a lighter powder directly underneath the contour colour to make that contour pop.
Make that contour look natural now. Create a contour in the natural hollow points of your face!

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