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Relationship often starts with hearts and butterflies, everything will be fine and marvelous. You will always agree with each other and also compromise but as the relationship matures past the honeymoon stage, opinions, differences and individual personalities will start to surface. It is then you start to experience the variation in the conformity of the union. Arguments aren’t necessarily an indicator that there are problems in a relationship rather you can truly learn from a healthy arguments. Here are reasons why couples who argue love each other;


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1. Argument doesn’t determine that a relationship is suffering: Arguments with your partner actually indicate that the two of you have your own individual ideas and opinions. Relationships that do not argue can be full of tension as neither party wants to share their thoughts to not hurt each other which can also be a lack of engagement to the relationship and there might be problem with trust.

2. Couples who argue also have a tendency to be passionate: The ways in which partners argues signals so much about a relationship and most couples enjoy a make up $3x after an intense argument. Most wise couples acknowledges those signals and keep an eye on how they treat each other over disagreement because disagreement demonstrates you care about each other.

3. There is a difference between angry fighting and truly expressing your thoughts in a relationship: You understand what’s important to argue about and what you need to let go when you argue with your partner. Keeping quiet is not a holistic or healthy way to solve differences or create trust in a relationship, therefore, a trusting and loving relationship can argue without being angry.

4. There will always be challenges and conflicts in a relationship: People want to be heard and understood, they want to follow their passion and be acknowledged for who they are. Couples who argue are expressing their desires to be heard and when done constructively, it isn’t fighting rather they are expressing their needs. Happy couple hear each other in a moment of heavy discussion and they always stand their ground which is a sign of mutual respect.

When you are authentic in a relationship you can always share what you believe in. It’s all in how you present any discussion. Leave all comment below.


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