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There is need for utmost honesty in every relationship, but many men have claimed that women prefers lies rather than telling them the truth. Well, they might not be far from the truth as telling women the truth will hurt them and they can as well question your loyalty to them. A brutally honest man is not always appreciate by women, here are lies men are allowed to tell in a relationship;


Hello World

1. You don’t look fat in that dress 

This is the ultimate lie, smart men have always been lying about their women’s weight right from the beginning. They would rather tell a little white lie than upset their women but the truth is they notice every pound you add bit by bit but they still think you are beautiful and choose to keep you happy than spell out the honest truth.

2. I promise it will never happen again

Men often make this promise after they have erred and want to mend fences as soon as they can without actually giving thought to the words spoken which is why they become repeat offenders and utter the same words again and again. This is a repentant lie but we would rather choose this apologetic lie than silence or outright rebellion so I presume is something we can live with.

3. She is not hotter than you

Women always ask and for a truth we all expect “Yes hon” said in utmost sincerity when in true fact it is a big lie. Women know deep down that the answer is a lie but there is just something so sweet about your man thinking that you are the most beautiful girl that he has ever seen.

4. I listened to everything you said

Women are more expensive than men, they always want a listening ear and they talk more than men. An average man will zone out during long chat but at every pause, confirm if he is listening before you ask him to recap and then realize how lost he is about what you were talking about. This works most times because women want a listener and not a problem fixer.

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please keep me anonymous, I am 22yrs, currently in a relationship witha guy that is 15yrs older than me. This guy loves me and promised toget married to me when I finish schooling in 2yrs time, he has being of good behaviour, and promised not to touch me till marriage. The problem is that is he too old for me? will he be patience enough towait? Will my parents accept him cause of the age difference?

Dear Worried

No relationship is devoid of challenges and such challenges always makes the bond stronger. Age does not determine who you should love and not love, though, society generally accepts the younger woman and older man duo so I don’t think there would be any problem going out with him if he loves and has honestly promised not to touch you till after marriage.

If you love him and want to spend the rest of your life with him, then age shouldn’t be a barrier. Two years is not too far to wait for someone and if he has agreed to wait then why worry about your parents, parents always wants the best for their children so they will not hesitate if he is best for you.

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