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Any skincare fanatic will always ensure that both her skin and the skins of others are well taken care of. She encourages a holistic skincare routine at all times, which addresses the health of the skin from both the inside-out and outside-in. The holistic skincare routine deals with the extraordinarily pure, effective formulations which use plant oils, essential oils, and potent plant extracts to address all skin concerns.

Skincare routine

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Here are the four key steps to practising a holistic skin care routine;

1.Befriending Skincare Oils:

All skin types need oil, that’s why they produce oil. Therefore, when we strip our skin of its natural oils or apply too much oil, the skin’s delicate balance is disrupted thus, the right combinations of of oils targeted for different skincare needs provide powerful properties to normalize oil production, reduce the signs of ageing, and refine the skins texture. Don’t avoid oil-based skincare if you struggle with oily skin. Also, skin oils are one of the most powerful treatments if you have acne.

2.Avoidance of harsh, oil-stripping cleansers:

If you aim for a cleanse that gives your face that shiny, dry feeling, you strip your skin of protective sebum. The absence of this does not that create a glowing, blemish-free skin. When cleansing therefore, strive for the balance of removing makeup and impurities without drying the skin.

3.Avoiding Over Exfoliation:

While these harsh treatments do reveal softer skin, they essentially damage the skin by disrupting the acid-mantle and pH balance. Therefore, opt for a facial scrub that can be used as a spot treatment for acne or other skin problems.

4.Knowing when to opt for expertly formulated products or home-made :

One good thing about a holistic skincare routine is that it can potentially be crafted from ingredients in your own pantry; you can create a simple toner with diluted apple cider vinegar and call it a day. You can alternatively use high end natural skincare products that may leave you questioning if the results will be worth the price tag. Implicit in this is that you can make some of your skincare products at home, or invest in the products that you cannot effectively formulate at home, but know when to use them.

Practicing a holistic skincare routine no doubt, is as good as breastfeeding your newborn baby. Follow these key steps and watch your skin speak for your at all times!

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