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The yarn wraps or yarn locs or genie locs is a labor intensive hairstyle because its hard to complete but its beautiful once it has been complete and like every other hairstyle there are different ways you can rock them during the duration in which you’ll have them on. The yarn wrap like every other faux locs is made so that you would be able to carry it around for a lengthy amount of time, the fact that you’ll have on this hairstyle for months means you would have to think up ways to style and recreate it every time .


Hello World

Below is a video from beauty YouTube vlogger Riva with A V that’s shows 16 ways you can style your yarn wraps hairstyle;

Source: YouTube 

Now you’ve seen the video and now I am ready to give you tips on how to maintain a neat and beautiful yarn wraps hairstyle for a lengthy period;

1. First, its very important to keep them protected (under a bun when you sleep )and moisturized by rubbing a generous amount of hair oil or any essential oil once a week. The reason why you do this once a week is because oil has the tendency to attract dust which is something you don’t need so rather than oiling it everyday, once a week is just fine.

2. After about 3 weeks to 1 month, its advisable to wash your yarn wrap hairstyle, you can either do it at a salon or do it yourself. Don’t assume its not easy, because its easier than you think.

3. When you washing your hair, divide your hair into sections and coat with soybean oil leave for a few minutes before you go ahead and shampoo (you can wash in the shower its easier). Remember to wash it carefully.

Maintaining the faux wraps hairstyle is quite easy, let the video and few tips be your guide.

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