Due date

Hi Soon-to-be Mums!

There’s this saying that waiting is always the the hardest part. This is so true, especially when you are on a baby watch as an expectant mother. Passing the time when you know that you are about to face parenthood is a seemingly impossible task. Thus, what is a soon-to-be mum to do other than watch and wait? Well, while labour can’t be induced here for you, you can get to know some things  you ought to do to stay busy when due date is passed.

Due date

Due date

Here are the fifteen things to do when your due date is passed;

1. Communicate or catch up with long-distance friends through telephone or video call.

2. Invest in baby books. Buy an interesting baby book and make yourself less tensed by reading it.

3. Try reading for pleasure at this time.

4. Now is the time to get a manicure and pedicure.

5. Ensure that that everything is in order at work before you officially start maternity leave else, you’ll have yourself to blame for lack of proper preparation.

6. Do a super-gentle prenatal yoga workout or exercise.

7. Relax by seeing a movie.

8. If possible, go on a date.

9. Have a special afternoon with your older kids if you are already a mum.

10. Appropriately scan the baby’s room to ensure that you have all of the newborn essentials covered.

11. Buy or choose a special outfit for the new baby to wear home from the hospital.

12. Edit and organize your closet with an eye for forgiving postpartum and nursing-friendly pieces.

13. It is important that yo get together with your own mum and learn about your own birth story if you haven’t already heard it.

14. If you have older kids, take them shopping for a special “welcome gift” for their new baby brother or sister.

15. Select birth announcements and put together a list of friends and family to send them to.


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