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A lot of us might have one way or the other deal with fake friends in our lives, They might look like real friends but deep down they are not. Though no one is perfect we all have our own flaws, that is what distinguishes us. The value of friendship is having someone to rely on even when you aren’t at your best. If you are having trouble deciding which friend is a real friend then your friendship is already on the rocks. We all need real friends in our lives, But how do you know that someone is a beneficial friend and not a life sucker, Luckily they are ways to spot: Here are a few signs you might be dealing with a fake friend.


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1. The person never wants to hang out

It is understandable that people are busy, That’s a common knowledge but when the busy word becomes occasional that only means they don’t want to hang out with you and they don’t appreciate your company as you do. Real friends create time for each other.

2. The person is a good friend only when it is convenient

The idea of been a good friend should occur all the time, Some friends won’t mind hanging out with you occasionally as long as you always come to them and run errands with them. There will be some time when a person comes up short, that’s inevitable. But when the friendship is fair weather that friendship is one sided and your friend does not value you.

3. They only call when they need something

Friendship should be equal, it’s all based on reciprocation and mutuality. If your friend is always busy in hanging out and never calls to know how you are fairing, But your phone beeps and its that your friend asking for something from you, That friend is not a real friend and she is using you.

4. The conversation is never equal

Do you find out that you just spend your whole time listening and giving advice to your friend when you guys hang out? That’s not cool because we all have problems that we will love to share with friends and if she doesn’t give you her listening ear then she is egocentric and doesn’t have your interest at heart.

5. The person never really shares anything personal

If you can’t name anything about your friend that is not a real friend, Though you cannot expect complete disclosure but that doesn’t mean a person cannot share some things. If you find yourself sharing your private matters to your friend and they never reciprocate such gesture that means they are not real friends and they don’t trust you enough to share their secrets with you.

6. They use your secrets against you and share them

The act of sharing your friends secret with other people is malicious and not what a true friend should do, If you constantly hear anything personal about yourself that only you and your friend knows about that is a sign that person is not a trustworthy friend.

7. They talk about their other friends behind their backs

If your friend is fond of talking trash about their friends chances are that they gossip about you too when you are not present. Gossip and trash talk aren’t segmented, You can’t keep it to just a few persons, It goes everywhere. So if they are the type that gossips they are definitely gossiping about you too and you don’t need such in your life.

8. They judge you

When you are scared to tell your friend about somethings because they constantly judge you or criticize your sense of judgement that you always feel bad then you don’t need such friends, A true friend will always be honest and give you a positive opinion or observation.

9. They make you feel bad about yourself in front of others

Usually people do this if they feel bad about themselves and want to use somebody else as a distraction. If your friend is constantly maligning you in front of others that’s insulting and impolite, Draw a line over such friendship immediately.

10. They are always embarrassed of you in public

If your friend is loud and obnoxious true friends will not be ashamed to call the person her Bestie in public, Real friends will never be embarrassed and will understand that is you and that’s what makes you different.

11. They aren’t happy for you when good things happen

This is one of the most common signs and its also base on competitive behavior, A true friend will always want you to succeed and be happy. So if your friend doesn’t always say anything nice or congratulate you when you achieve something but rather say some nasty things, That friend doesn’t want your happiness.

12. They make jest of you all the time

Its only normal for friends to tease themselves sometimes, but when you notice that your friend is going extreme with it and quite often you need to tell your friend how you feel about it and the person ignore’s your feelings, then such a friend is not bothered about your feelings.

Hey darlings, Have you experienced the trauma of a fake friend??? Lets get your thoughts and opinions in the comment box below  

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