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We all know that cell phones are now a need and it has become difficult for us to function without a phone. But truthfully, cell phones damages relationships that we might not even know or noice on time not until the damages is done. There are ways in which your phone can be destroying your relationship, continue reading to know so that you can be more careful from now on;


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1. You spill secrets

We all share our current relationship status to people we are in conversation with especially to our BFF. We disclose secrets of our relationship to the wrong people without thinking twice and some times, we ignore our partner who is sitting right beside us. Phones play us in strange ways.

2. It feels like cheating

It is definitely not cheating but it feels like it, you would be cheating on your partner if you do not completely dedicate your time to him. How would you feel if he did the same? would you have doubts inside of you of him talking to another girl on phone in a middle of a conversation? that is the same way he might feel when you decide to pick up your phone in the middle of a conversation.

3. You don’t focus

While your partner is talking about his day or anything in general, you want to multitask by checking your instagram feed. By doing this you make your partner believe he is talking to himself, you will make him feel bad for sharing things with you when you are not even listening. The truth is you cannot focus on the little things that matters when you are on your phone.

4. You ignore your boyfriend/girlfriend

This is the most common way of ruining a relationship, if you are bored take your phone to somewhere else that way you won’t be ignoring anybody. You would be killing your relationship without realising if you keep using your phone instead of talking to your boyfriend about his day or anything.

5. Excessive sharing

Sometimes we share things more than we should, you share your little feelings and stories on facebook all the time but what if your partner wants his personl life to be his business and shown for the world to see. You would be ruining your relationship if you uploaded something personal that your partner would want to remain between you two only.

6. No real experiences

If you start your relationship with a cell phone you will be missing out of the actual real life communication. Even before the relationship started you are tagging them in videos and pictures, though, it might sound meaningless or innocent but it sometimes leave a wrong impression to the other person. They might start expecting a lot when all you intended to do was make them smile.

7. The selfies

Your relationhip needs to be worked on and the bond stronger before you can share them with the whole world. It is okay to upload selfies sometimes but if you pay more attention to how your relationship looks to the outside world rather than working on it in real life, you are harming your love life.

8. Texting is all you do

Texting is not a best way to communicate with your partner, there are things you need to discuss with each other in order to know each other better. Long distance relationships are apprehensive by people who have been in a real relationship for a long time. It is cool to text but when it comes to face-to-face communication, you don’t know what to say. That is not a sign of a successful relationship, through texting, our expectations grow in a different and less mature way they should.

9. You will end up getting angry

You know you care about your partner but your constant ignorance will annoy him/her and at one point they will move away because they feel you do not care about them. You will be fussed with anger thereby unable to see your mistake, so that avoid this learn to differentiate between personal time and time with your online world in order to have a good, organized life with an undisturbed relationship.

10. Letting the distance grow

You will only let the distance between you and your partner grow if you prioritize your friends on phone. If your girlfriend wants to talk about a serious matter but you can’t stop looking at your phone, you are getting distant from her every minute.

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