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Ladies gets different reactions from people around them when they announce their relationship to the world. Some friends will act like they are more happier than you about your relationship while some will act indifferent, there will be a handful of girlfriends that won’t be able to cover their jealousy no matter how hard they try. This jealousy might not be as a result of how amazing your man is or how they want to steal him from you, it might just be a jealousy for the new person in your life, which they fear will become more important than them one day. You should be careful of this type of envious friends no matter what their reasons are, here are a list of such friends;


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1. The one who finds a way to be the third party on all your dates

You have specifically told your friends about the date night you are going with your partner, you told them what you intend to wear, the movie you want to watch and the name of the fancy restaurant you would be going for dinner. Just as you got there you met your friend that pretended that they were not interested in coming to watch the exact movie and at the same time you had planned, you politely ask her to join and she did not take a second to think and happily follows you into the cinema. After that she tells you how she is really excited for dinner afterwards as well.

2. The one who tries to put you down in front of your boyfriend

You introduce your friend that knows you inside out and has been with you from the beginning to your boyfriend but it turns into a disaster as your friend can’t stop recalling embarrassing stories she knows about you. She can’t seem to stop exposing those moments you still regret and the stories just didn’t stop, you can’t laugh at your own self but something about the look on her face makes you feel like she isn’t doing this just for the fun of it.

3. The one who keeps suggesting better options for you

The friend who will make you feel like no guy is good enough for you no matter how handsome, funny or accomplished the guy might be. They will find reasons to dislike him and encourage you to just keep looking and the worst is she won’t even have a solid explanation for why she doesn’t like this person.

4. The one who refuses to help you in any situation related to your partner

The friend that always refused to help you in any situation related to your love life, you have a big date with your partner but you can’t seem to decide on what to wear you explain to your friend and ask her to lend you her dress but she gives you excuses and you know this isn’t the first time she has refused to help you in anything relating to your partner and you know that it definitely won’t be the last.

5. The one who can’t stop flirting with your boyfriend

You are the girl who would want your boyfriend and your friends to be close with each other, you want them to share jokes, have meaningful conversations and get along well. But you have noticed this friend that takes the jokes a little far, she tries to dig deep into whatever your partner is saying and she never waits to ask your boyfriend to dance with her when you are at a party together. You feel cautious around her and make sure she doesn’t put any actual moves on your man.

6. The one who has become competitive

There is this friend that is always comparing her guy to yours right from the first day, she ask random questions like how much he earns, dates you go or what he did for your birthday and with every reply you give she feels the need to tell you the answers in her own context without you asking. She is just trying to assert in front of you and in front of people who might be listening that her relationship is definitely better than yours.

7. The one who tries to divert attention from him

You are sitting with your friends, telling them all about the thoughtful gifts your boyfriend gave and his amazing felt card, you are right in the middle of your story and about to explain the best part and this friend just jumps in with something that happened to her and is incredibly unrelated and insignificant. You can’t help but feel angry and remember all the innumerable times that she has done this before.

8. The one who can’t stop telling your boyfriend of your past relationship

This is one of the most dangerous type of friends to keep around. Everyone has a past that they still regret and never want to remember, if your friend keeps bringing your past every time she meets your guy then try and keep her far, as far away from your man as possible.

9. The one that feels disgusted every time you both do something romantic

If you have this friend who just can’t stop herself from expressing her disgust if you guys even hug for a second in front of her then that is definitely her problem and not yours.

10. The one who has a sudden desire to hang out with you more often

You have this long time friend that you don’t meet often, though she is important to you but you two have different lives and the most you guys see is once a month. Suddenly you notice from the day you started dating she keeps calling you to meet and complains that you don’t have time for her anymore and she keeps showing up randomly to meet you almost every day.


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Im really confused…. i love my husband and i feel he loves me too,i’m his first love but he wasn’t mine but i married him and can’t do without him, but he confuses me atimes. We stay in different countries, when we are together its all sweet and loving but when we are apart, he accuses me of being in contact with my ex which is not true, he can just call me one day and says he needs space and most of the time im always apologising for what i dont know about or understand.  He believes im going to cheat and leave him even when i have not, he always talking about breaking the marriage or getting a divorce and all i do is keep begging and apologising , sometimes i’m afraid to say my opinion on issues for the fear of how he would interpret it, i love him very much but i feel i’m beginning to loose myself in my misery, i dont know what to do to convince him i dont wanna leave him. Is he manipulating me? Is he a sadist? How do i make him believe me?

Dear Confused

Insecurity can cause a lot of issues in a marriage, though it is normal for a guy to be jealous but if the jealousy extends to insecurity, it can take a toll on the relationship. It can be really annoying to constantly reassure your partner about your relationship despite not even guilty. You need to find out where the insecurity is coming from because it will help you understand certain things that affects him and why he is always feeling insecure, remind him that you are both married and not single and you can’t decide to leave anytime.

You have been reassuring your partner that you have never cheated on him and you would never do that but he is still feeling insecure, so you don’t have to reassure him again. Let him know your everyday routine even before he ask since he is not in the same country as you, let him know how you feel about him and give him a subtle reassurance and most importantly try to find out if his insecurity is real or just a manipulative tool so you do not ask him what he is doing over there and you can do that by not paying heed to his threats.

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