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There are so many things that we do that are unnecessary and uncalled for as we know most of the time we are our own worse enemy although this may sound as a cliche the idea behind it is true. We try to be picture perfect we push ourselves into challenges that are unimportant, unnecessary and exhausting. There are certainly a lot of things we need to stop, but below are 10 habits that require urgent attention i.e if you are guilty of committing it.

1. Food is not your enemy.

The standard that our body has to be smoking hot or the fact that we have to look like some mannequin causes a lot of frenzy because most women that receive this unspoken message put themselves through, excuse me for using this word “hell” all because they want the “ultimate look”. What you should do instead is eat health foods that are good for your health, do not eat and rush to the bathroom to throw up because that is an unhealthy behavior ( please if you do that visit a psychologist). So ladies fall in love with yourself rather than some uncanny standard. #self love



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2. Care for your heels.

The heel is part of your body and most be cared for as every nuke and cranny of your body is important. We do love us some gorgeous stiletto’s and absolutely fab pair of pumps but we have to be mindful of how often we rock our fabulous heels. Make sure to massage your feet and avoid wearing heels everyday.

3. The Chill Gene 

So yea, this one is hilarious, sophisticated and fashionable women are true to themselves, we have to admit we are all different and can’t always be the “cool girl” but what is the “cool girl” anyways? always be yourself because that’s how you stand out.

4. Web MD

Apparently this is becoming a trend, one thing you should note is that diagnosis on the internet doesn’t always mean that’s whats happening to you. So take steps away from the internet doctor and visit a live one.

5. Fear of being alone 

At a certain age the fear of being alone triples but we forget that we have control over a certain number of things and that includes meeting people and going on dates. You cannot tell where you would meet the love of your life so STOP FREAKING OUT.

6. Relationship Trend

So because your friend and everyone around you is in a relationship so you rush into one, really… how does that help you? the truth is it doesn’t because you rushed in, nothing comes good from being with the wrong person so be patient.

7. Vacation

Most women worry a lot, they worry so much they forget about themselves, after hard months at work you decide it’s time for your leave and what happens you don’t get to enjoy it because you are too busy taking care of others. here’s a tip for you take a weekend vacation no one will die if you treat yourself to an incredible weekend.



8. Deadlines

As fashionable women we tend to set a lot of deadlines on so many events in our lives, try as much as possible to enjoy the uncertainty sometimes because that’s whats life’s about.

9. Friends

This is perhaps the most common thing women do wrong. Here’s a tip, Choose friends that are good and useful to you, choose friends that would not make you feel less than what you are choose friends that genuinly love you.

10. The N word

When i say N word i don’t mean Ni***, i mean No, so many of us are guilty of that, we feel if we say no then whatever relationship we have with whomever it is would be ruin. Take my advice if it’s not good for you, or would harm you in some way or would make you have sleepless nights PLEASE say NO.



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