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Women always invest so much in a relationship, they put their heart and soul, trust blindly, care immensely and love recklessly. They don’t put themselves first when they are in love, they trust and give their partner everything they have. Men want to be selected by a strong and independent woman, they want a woman who knows her worth, respects herself and knows how to make people respect her and the moment a woman gains self respect she will have the ability to evaluate her relationship better. A woman with self respect will leave a man she loves if she finds out the love was for the wrong reasons. Here are some reasons women leave the men they love;

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1. Lack of common interest

People change with time, either you or your partner can change at anytime but you both should have some common interest. It is these common interest that helped you both bond but if your partner transitioned, it is not necessary that your partner transition along with you but there should be a common interest.

2. Physical intimacy is very important

Women needs physical intimacy just as men needs it, it actually says a lot in a relationship. If you stop making advances to your partner, she will think there is someone else who is taking care of your desires and that will cause a rift in your relationship. Though, not everyone who gets physically intimate is in love but love is the number one reason people have $3x. Caring for your partner and satisfying their needs in bed will give them the assurance that your relationship is worth holding on to.

3. Lack of communication 

Women always have something to talk about and they need someone to talk to. You can’t be with your partner all the time but when you are with her, you need to be mentally present. You need to listen to her and not just nod at everything she says, pay attention and become a part of the conversation, that will strengthen communication between you two and make your relationship great.

4. Insecurities

A man should have faith and trust for his woman because women are turned off if they feel that their man is insecure. A man should not snoop around and ask million of questions everyday about his woman, love comes with trust and trust kills insecurities. Learn to trust your partner because insecurity slowly kills a relationship.

5. Selfishness 

Women needs assurance and security in a relationship and the less time you give her the more distorted she feels about the relationship. Women want to be a priority and not treated as convenience, women are practical and don’t believe on fairy tale so even if she is very much in love with you, she will have reasons to walk away if you aren’t fulfilling your promises and not putting effort into your relationship.

6. No personal space

Women love to have their own time, they want to spend time alone and hang out with friends. It is very important for their sanity and happiness, so if you want your woman to love you and respect you, give her some space to grow on her own that would not make you a bad boyfriend if you let her breath on her own.

7. Too many lies

It is not acceptable to lie to the person you love. One way or the other your partner will eventually find out and that would be the end of your relationship. If you do not want to drive your woman away, say the truth all the time it may hurt her or you but it won’t be filled with guilt and other lies to support the first lie.

8. Trying to change her

You should love your partner for who she is and not what you want her to be. If you try to change your woman you are not in love with her rather you are in love with the idea of her and her being the way you want her to be. Love is transparent and requires no change, selfish love only leads to fights, arguments, regrets and eventually breakups.

9. Being too cold or emotionally unavailable

One of the worst things you can do to your partner is being emotionally unavailable. Women want their partner to be emotional, understanding with so much love and affection. People who are emotionally unavailable drive their partner away from them which can damage their relationship to a point that it can’t be fixed.

10. Comparing her with others

This is one of the most common reason why women leave the men they love. Everyone is different and they all have their unique personality, it would be very unfair to compare them with someone else especially with exes, it is a complete NO. It makes women feel like they are not being appreciated for who they are and that they are under a microscope waiting for her every move to be judged and criticized.

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